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At Sustainability Education for Europe, we do research and advocacy work to improve sustainability education. 

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Our work is guided by a set of key questions:


Formalizing education

How can we best incorporate sustainability education into formal primary and secondary school education?


Combatting "doomism"

How can we combat "climate doomism" and moral disengagement through sustainability education?​


Practical & accessible education for all

How can we make sustainability education practical and accessible throughout Europe?


Informing personal decision-making

How can we help young people to make informed decisions on their consumption and on their futures through the formal education they receive?


Developing non-science education

How can we (better) incorporate sustainability into the social sciences and non-science subjects?


Educating on (new) climate sectors

​​How can we best teach primary and secondary school students about environmental governance, policies, politics, finance, and law?


Climate psychology

How can we best teach students about the (group) psychology around climate change and the climate crisis?


Empowering the youth

How can we use education to empower the youth, and to combat the mental health crisis arising from the climate crisis?


Training problem-solving skills

How can we equip students with the tools they need to come up with innovative and interdisciplinary solutions to combat the climate crisis?


Encouraging just & inclusive discourses

How can we make sure the climate discourses happening in schools and amongst the youth are just, inclusive, and compassionate?


Setting students up for success

How do we set students up for success in a rapidly changing environment and prepare them for the (green) jobs of the future?​


Tailored education

How do we make sure that students are (continuously) given the opportunity to learn about the aspects of the climate crisis that they are interested in?

If you have ideas for other questions we should consider and look into, please send us a message.

We are always looking to expand our perspectives and understanding of sustainability education. If you have ideas for questions that we should consider and we have not yet listed above, please feel free to drop us a line.

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